1. Org valid ppt atleast for 06 months,
  2. Copy Invitation letter instead of Original Invitation letter
  3. Two colour photo 35x45mm 80% face white background
  4. Online visa application form dully filled & signed by paxs only with upload Covering letter, Invitation letter, Ppt copy 01st & last page, tkt copy & yellow fever certf.
  5. Org Detail Covering letter on company letter head
  6. Invitation letter copy from Ghana with round seal of Ghana company.
  7. Ppt copy of Invitee person.
  8. Yellow fever card copy
  9. Tkt with e-tkt nmbr.
  10. Listed Overseas medical insurance as per the Air tkt List of Insurance is mentioned below
  11. Return Air ticket
  12. Company registration copy(Pls note company registration required in English language if company registration is different language so translate in 100rs stamp paper in English and do the Notary)